Sandy Landscape Water Features

Sandy Landscape water

Landscape Water Features

A landscape featuring colorful plants, artistic sculptures, and natural stone paths is certainly pleasant to look at. However, these elements are quite static so they don’t hold people’s interest for very long. If you want something that can serve as the focal point of your garden, then consider adding a water feature.

Landscaping water features are highly dynamic. The liquid moves all the time using small motors, inhabiting creatures, or natural phenomena. People who see them cannot help but stop and watch the changes. You could lose yourself in their calming tranquility and natural charm even if you have seen them many times.

Just note that installing water features is a complex endeavor that requires careful planning. Hire the professionals at Sandy Landscape Pros to make sure that everything is done right so you can enjoy a wonderful addition to your garden without any stress.

For example, it should have a ready source of water to keep things going. This may require filtering and other treatments. Motors and other materials must be of high quality to avoid frequent repairs.

Sandy Landscape Pros offers professional landscape design and construction services to residents of Oregon. Our team has the technical skills and creative imagination required to build exceptional water features.

Water Feature Options for Your Property

Water Fountains

Sandy Landscape Pros can help you install a large picturesque fountain with sculptures that revolve around your chosen theme. You can also add smaller fountains to ponds and pools to make them more vibrant.

Natural Ponds

If you have a large area to work with, then you might think about creating a natural pond where fish can swim in the open. Add water plants to create a complete ecosystem where they can thrive.

Landscape Waterfalls

 A waterfall can turn a drab wall into a fabulous feature. Imagine a patio with this backdrop. Enjoy the meditative sights and sounds as you relax in your favorite Sandy spot.


 Expansive properties can hold larger water features such as streams that go around a section that you wish to highlight. This requires a substantial reservoir to keep the liquid flowing all day.

The Benefits of Sandy Landscape Pros Water Feature Landscape Pieces Built to Impress

Whichever water feature you choose to install, you can be sure that it will provide that wow factor when friends come over to visit. They will be amazed with the scenery and unique concepts. It will definitely be a conversation starter that you can take pride in.

Create a Mini Wildlife Sanctuary

The running water will attract creatures of every kind. Animals such as birds, squirrels, and many more love clean water as they can drink and bathe with glee. They will be regular visitors, making your garden even more interesting with their presence.

Promote Good Health in a Calming Environment

 Your Sandy home should be your very own sanctuary. It should make you feel calm and relaxed despite everything that might be going on in the world. Water features provide that added calming effect with the sights and sounds of nature.